Insta-Panels® Durable Under Slab Insulation - Garage

If you’re constructing a shop or garage, insulate with Insta-Panels under the concrete slab to maximize efficiency and minimize heat loss. It costs much less than you’d think and will save you money in the long run.

Insta-Panels has a variety of different panels for use under the concrete floor or monolithic slab for your building, including panels you can staple in-floor heat tubing to. Check out our Full Selection of Products or Contact Us for a quick quote or advice on the right panel for your project.

Here are the benefits of installing insulation to the ground before installing concrete over top.

  • Concrete slabs stay dry: Ambient temperatures and moisture are more readily controlled, which stops floors from sweating. Dry floors mean easy cleaning and control of bacteria and mold.
  • Energy savings: Building codes‎ have for the longest time focused on increasing the thermal efficiency of walls, attics, roofs, doors, and windows but have neglected to take into account that the more insulation is put in one area, the greater the heat loss is in another area. Heat moves from hot to cold; the greater the delta between the heated area and non-heated area, the more the heat flows to where it is cold. Typical non-insulated slabs take the heat from the building and radiate that heat into the ground. By simply insulating the area under the concrete floor, the concrete floor becomes warmer as it slows down the heat from going into the ground.
  • Heating is more even: Think of your floor as a radiator. Once the slab is warm, it helps even the overall temperature of the building.

Additionally, our responsibly sourced Insta-Panels have a fiberglass skin tough enough to be driven on by concrete buggies. Don’t try that with just any insulation panel!